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2014.09.24 03:38


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주소 No. 97 Moganshan Road, 2nd floor Shanghai, China - 200060
전화번호 +8621-6266-1597

One of the largest of its kind in China, M97 Gallery was established in 2006 in Shanghai, China's financial capital and global city. Consistently exhibiting contemporary and fine art photography that spans all genres of the medium, M97 represents an eclectic range of important emerginging and established artists working with photography. Located at No. 97 Moganshan Road along the Suzhou River in Shanghai, the area is home to dozens of galleries and artist studios. M97 is a 300-square-meter space with a 200-square-meter main exhibition room and has an active program of solo and group exhibitions, as well as regularly participating in Asian and international art fairs. In the six years since the gallery's establishment, M97 has been dedicated to helping set standards and expand understanding and appreciation for the history and art of photography in China.
M97 Gallery is committed to helping individual collectors, corporations and institutions collect photographic works and we are experienced in helping everyone from the first-time collector to musuem and institutional collectors. With works from over 30 different Chinese and international artists in the gallery, M97 is one of Shanghai and China's largest single sources for photography.
In addition to collecting photographic works that inspire and intrigue, one of the fundamental things when collecting photographs is preserving the photographic materials and papers as best possible. M97 operates an in-house studio to ensure the highest standards in mounting and framing of our photographic works, for both private and commercial clients. For any studio related inquiries please contact: studio(at)

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