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2014.09.24 01:52

Zen Foto Gallery

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주소 Piramide Building,2 F, 6-6-9 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106 - 0032 Japan
전화번호 +81(0)80-4652-7058

Zen Foto Gallery opened in September 2009 in Tokyo, to specialize in Asian photography with a particular emphasis on China. Our aims are: to show interesting exhibitions, to be experimental, to provide stimulating works that would otherwise be rarely seen and to introduce innovative young photographers. In all we hope to provide a forum for greater appreciation of contemporary and historical works of Asian photography.

ASIAN PHOTOGRAPHY Zen Foto aims to be a bridge between Japan and China and a platform for the best of classic and contemporary photography from both countries. So far our exhibitions have included leading Chinese photographers Liu Zheng, Wang Ningde, RongRong & Inri, Moyi and Yang Yankang, and younger up-and-coming artists such as Muge, Liu Ke, Han Chao and 223. Among Japanese artists we have held exhibitions by Nobuyoshi Araki, Kazuo Kitai, Mao Ishikawa, Seiryu Inoue, vintage works by Ihei Kimura, Kanbei Hanaya and Iwata Nakayama. Younger Japanese photographers we have shown include Takehiko Nakafuji, Kazuyoshi Usui, Tatsuya Shimohira, Daisuke Ito and Masayuki Nakaya.

LIMITED EDITION PHOTOGRAPHY BOOKS Along with most exhibitions, we publish limited edition photography books, producing a resource for enthusiasts of contemporary Japanese and Chinese photography. Our publications to date include "Kazuo Kitai in China, 1973" (Kazuo Kitai, 2010), "Life in Philly" (Mao Ishikawa, 2010), "Night Crawler 1995, 2010" (Takahiko Nakafuji, 2011), and joint publication with Taka Ishii Gallery of "The Theater of Love" (Nobuyoshi Araki, 2011).

RARE CLASSIC JAPANESE PHOTOGRAPHY We also offer some of the rare secondhand classic Japanese photography books and vintage prints of Ihei Kimura, Seiryu Inoue, Iwata Nakayama and so forth. Please see our gallery artists and publications link for more information.

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