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조회 수 1054
1970 Born in Seoul, Korea

1998 MFA in Photography, Pratt Institute, NY
1993 BFA in Painting, Department of Fine Art, Seoul National University, Seoul

Solo Exhibition
2016 Sookang Kim (Soul Art Space, Busan)
2014 Towels | Shelf (Gallery Kong, Seoul)
2008 Stones (Gallery Kong, Seoul)
       Stones & Vessels (Gallery 339, Philadelphia, PA)
2007 Sookang Kim (Gallery Kong, Seoul)
2006 White Vessel (Gallery Kong, Seoul)
2005 Bojagi (Gallery Red Forest, Seoul)
        Sookang Kim (Paik Haeyoung Gallery, Seoul)
2003 In My Hand (Sunggok Art Museum, Seoul)
2000 Being (Gallery Lux, Seoul)
1998 Trivial Stories (Gallery 2000, Seoul)
1997 Odes to Things (Steuben West Gallery, New York)
1993 Rust (Gallery Indeco, Seoul)

Group Exhibition
2016 Public to Private:Photography in Korean Art since 1989
       (National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea)
2015 Kitchen In Fantasy (Horim Museum, Seoul)
       Gaze: Contemplative Mind to Objet (Gallery Huue, Singapore)
       Korean Contemporary Photography in Moscow (Gallery of Classic Photography, Moscow, Russia)
       Sookang Kim & Hyoungsun Ha “Parallel Encounter” (Gallery Joohae, Seoul)
       The Technology of Photography (National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwacheon)
2014 Trace-Sookang Kim & Sanggil Lee (Gallery Planet, Seoul)
2013 Paris Photo, LA (Paramount Pictures Studios, LA, CA)
2012 More Photos about Buildings and Food (Gallery 339, Philadelphia, PA)
2011 The Gaze of the Observer (Gallery Chosun, Seoul)
       Slow Tempo (JH Gallery, Seoul)
       Edition: Pop-Up (Interalia, Seoul)
2010 Seven Senses-Flux (Gallery Lux)
2009 Light/Dark (Sepia International, New York, NY)
       Chaotic Harmony (Museum of Fine Arts Houston, TX/ Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Ca)
       Non-Table line (Zaha Museum, Seoul)
2008 Beyond Definition (Interalia, Seoul)
       On Photography (Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul)
       Contemporary Korean Photographs 1948-2008
       (National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwacheon, Korea)
       Seoul Photo Fair (COEX, Seoul)
       Up to the Minute (Korea Art Gallery, Busan)
2007 Asian Contemporary Art Fair ( Pier 92, New York, NY)
       Korean Contemporary Photographers 10 (The Museum of Photography, Seoul)
       New Acquisition (Museum of Fine Arts Houston, TX)
       In & Out (2x13 Gallery, New York, NY)
2006 Korean Contemporary Artists 5 (Gallery Kong, Seoul)
       Sepia at Seven (Sepia International, New York, NY)
       Summer Idylls (Gallery 339, Philadelphia, PA)
       Soft Landing (CAIS Gallery, Seoul)
2005 Authenticity of Memory (Houston Center for Photography, Houston, TX)
       Scent of Daily life (Sun Gallery, Seoul)
       Tokyo Art Fair (Tokyo, Japan)
       Art Cologne (Koln, Germany)
       Shanghai Art Fair (Shanghai, Chaina)
       Between Man and Place (Ssamzie Space, Seoul)
2004 Image Utopia (KEPCO Art Gallery, Seoul)
       Object / Place / Process (Sepia International, New York, NY)
       Chicago Art Fair (Chicago)
       A Praise for Still Life (Ilmin Museum of Art, Seoul)
       Umbra (Sunggok Art Museum, Yoo Art Space, Seoul)
2003 Seoul International Art Fair (COEX, Seoul)
       Bora (Art Center, Seoul)
2002 Look into…(Gallery Sagan, Seoul)
       Stream (Gallery La Mer, Seoul)
2001 Seoul Print Art Fair “Multi 21” (Seoul Art Center Gallery, Seoul)
       Old & New Camera works (Gallery Lux, Seoul)
2000 Still Life (Dam Gallery, Seoul)
       Our Photography, Today's Spirit-The New Generation (Art Center, Seoul)
1999 Through Their Own Eyes (Gallery Lux, Seoul) (Gallery 051, Busan)
       Our Photography, Today's Spirit (Art Center, Seoul)
       Seoul Print Art Fair (Seoul Art Center Gallery, Seoul)
1998 July Seven (Dam Gallery, Seoul)
       Saekdong-jogoli (Dong-A Gallery, Seoul)
1996 Print Workshop (Engineering Hall, Brooklyn)
1993 Logos & Pathos-New Generation (Chung Nam Art Center, Seoul)
       New Generation (Paik Sang Gallery, Seoul)
       Chung. Mi. Yon Recommended Artists (Paik Sang Gallery, Seoul)
1992 Korea Contemporary Print Art Fair (Art Center, Seoul)
       Moo Deung Art Festival (Kwangju City Art Museum, Kwangju)

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, USA
Museet for Fotokunst, Denmark
Daelim Contemporary Art Museum, Seoul
National Museum of Contemporary Art Korea, Art Bank, Gwacheon
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